Course Policy

General Information:

  • The Course Policies of Suwan Golf & Country Club have been adopted by the Board of Director. They may be amended by the Board of Director at anytime.
  • The Course Policies are established to promote the safe, enjoyable the club facilities.

Regulations & Registration

    • The golfers must follow International Rules of golf and the Local Rules of the Golf Course. The Local Rules may be established from Director of Golf or Golf Operation For more information about Local Rules, please ask our Golf Operation Staffs.
    • All golfers are welcome to drop off their golf bag at the bag drop area. Our staffs will issue the golf bag receipt to the golfers. And our staffs will send the golf bag to Starter station.
    • For the golfers who would like to warm up or practice the golf swing at our driving range, please inform our staffs at Bag Drop area. Our staffs will be more than happy to assist the golfers.
    • All golfers must register at Suwan Golf reception desk to receive play approval by the Suwan’s Staffs in charge. Please register at Suwan Golf reception desk 20 minutes before the assigned tee time.
    • All golfers shall present the Green fee coupon and Caddy coupon to the starter before playing at Starter station.
    • Commencing Play from other than your assigned tee is only permitted upon the tee-time available at that day or golfer must obtain permission from the reception staff and indicate desired starting location, to avoid maintenance, shot gun starts and other player interference
    • All golfers, including sanctioned shotgun starts and daily golfers must pay the prevailing daily fee before proceeding to the assigned tee. Golfers should never begin play prior to their posted starting time or proceed to assigned tee until released by the course Starter
    • Tournaments may be schedule by the Reservation office. Outside tournament reservations will require a signed contract and a non-refundable deposit.
    • Each player shall have their own set of clubs. Club rental sets are available at our Proshop
    • The course only allows maximum fivesomes play for weekday (Monday – Friday). For the weekend & holiday, the maximum is foursomes play. If the golfers would like to have fivesomes play for weekend & holiday, the course require for all golfers must used Golf Carts. Sixsomes are not allowed, except for the events that sanction such play, such as Mixers, Twilighters and Scrambles.
    • Slow Play is discouraged. A pace of four and one half (4-1/2) hours or less is recommended. All golfers are expected to keep up with the group in front of them. When a group has complete hole open in front of them, the Director of Golf or Golf Operation staffs is authorized to require the group to let the following group play through, or advance through the open hole without play. The Golf Operation staffs are authorized to monitor slow play or improper conduct on the golf course. Golfers who fail to follow instructions may be asked to leave the course and may deny future playing privileges.

    • The following are prohibited on the course property:
      • Pets
      • Fishing, swimming or wading in the creeks and ponds
      • Bicycles, mopeds and skateboards
      • Abusive language, horseplay and intoxication
      • Fishing for golf ball

    • All food and beverage must be purchased from Suwan Golf restaurant, coffee shop or snack kiosks. Any food or Beverage is not allowed to be brought on to the club premises
    • Juniors under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all time.
    • Please do not interrupt other golfers. The pace of Play shall be maintained
    • Mulligan (extra shot) are not allowed


        • The club is open everyday.
        • The reservation office is open from 6.00 am – 18.00 pm. daily
        • The cancellation must be informed to the club at least 24 hours in advance.
        • The interval between tee-time will be 8 minutes
        • For our Platinum card holder, tee-time reservation is highly recommended. Please contact Platinum card holder’s personal assistant for your convenience


Spectators or riders are not allowed on the golf course. If needed, they must pay the full green fee rate, caddie fee and rent clubs.

Except when the management may announce permission for Spectators to enter designated areas when watching a Club sanctioned tournament of special event.

Golf Cart & Caddies

  • The golfers shall pay the caddies fee at the rate fixed by the club.
  • In case, if the golfers feel that the performance of the caddy is not suitable, please inform our golf operation team.
  • The golfers shall pay the Golf Cart fee at the rate fixed by the club. The golf cart must be driven by caddy only.
  • Golf Cart must observe posted Golf Cart “Rules of the day” determined by the Golf Course Superintendent and posted in the reception counter as well as on the Starter Station.
  • Golf Cart shall be kept in the Middle of the paths. Wheels should not go off the pavement and dog ear path edges and turf. Only passing carts may go off the path but then must immediately return to the path. When parked, golf cart should be completely on the cart paths.

  • Golfers may be asked the 90 degree rule as follows
    • Proceed down cart path until perpendicular to ball
    • Drive directly out to the ball
    • After hitting shot, drive directly back to path
    • When reaching a distance of 30 yards from the green the cart must be returned to the path and remain on the path through the next tee.

  • Golf Cart are restricted to paths at all times on the following par3’s:
    • Hole number 3, 6, 12, and 16

Dress Code:

  • Gentlemen shall wear a collared shirt. Golf shoes shall be soft-spiked or otherwise approved by the Golf Operation Manager. Shirts and shoes are required at all times on the premises. Tank Tops, short-shorts, cutoffs, bathing suit, and genes are not allowed
  • Ladies shall wear golfing ensembles, blouses, walking or Jamaica length shorts or slacks. Golf shoes shall be soft-spiked or otherwise approved by the Golf Operation Manager. Halter-tops, tank tops, short-shorts, cutoffs, bathing suits, and genes are not allowed.

Payment Options:

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Cash. However, the caddy fee must pay by cash only.

The management of Suwan Golf & Country Club reserves the right to refuse business to any golfers not conforming to the above course policy.

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